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Actual Route

The 1,022-mile actual route includes detours not recorded on this map, such as getting lost, escaping weather, foraging for food (Walmart parking lots are the size of Texas BTW), navigating through motel complexes, visiting lawmakers' offices, entertaining requests from reporters ("Can you run that stretch again for the camera?"), and periodically doing what bears do in the woods. Much of the route was mapped-out the night before each day's run and shaped solely by the location of the far-too-distant next budget motel. How To Use This Map: Click on the map's colored features for Run details. Zoom in/out and click on other doodads. The green icon represents the START/FINISH. Go clockwise along the red route line and click on the yellow icons for daily highlights.


GPS-tracking of the Lead Runner/s
(Powered by InstaMapper.com)

Live GPS-tracking was enabled daily during the Run and utilized by millionsish of people (we lost count) to follow or join the lead runner/s. Trackers included family, friends, Run staff, students, lawmakers, members of the news media, supporters/sponsors, motorists, the public at large, and apparently the State Police. The location of the runner/s was transmitted about once every two minutes and was accurate to within a few hundred yards.

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